Website Design Process

Custom website design and project milestones

Below is a list of what you might expect should you have Fivebase design your web site solution.

  • The Consultation and Proposal Phase: Anybody should feel free to give us a call about their web site and portal design needs. We are more than happy to spend the time to answer your questions about costs, time frames, techniques and solutions. Sometimes we are good fit...sometimes we are not. Assuming the latter, we then provide a proposal that includes a scope of services, schedules and fees.
  • The Template Design Phase (aka look and feel): Most of our proposals include site "mock ups" that may also include a logo design if needed. All of our designs are custom and we do not use pre packaged template libraries unless otherwise requested by the customer. This phase tends to be the longest part of the process as revisions and tweaks are requested.
  • The Content Phase (aka look and feel): This is more a concurrent than consecutive phase. This phase is where our customers piece together their chosen content. While Fivebase can help craft the "message" (and certainly make it more search engine friendly), text content for the site comes from the customer.
  • Final Test Assembly Phase: This is the phase in which we apply the chosen template to the provided content. This may also include any additional coding needed to address other features and functions (e.g., dynamic database pages, shopping carts, online forms, surveys, etc) as needed by the customer.
  • Hardware Assembly Phase: During this phase, the hosting server is prepped to accept the new site. Once loaded, it is tested and prepped for go live.
  • Go Live and Post Go Live Phase: When satisfied, we flip the switch on the domain of the site to bring it online. At this point, we can submit the site to the major search engines. Once all is completed and running smoothly, we enter into the post go live or maintenance phase of the project where Fivebase is there to provide ongoing support and enhancements to you site.