Fivebase EHR Framework

Fivebase offers quick deployment and implementation of web application interface for open EHR systems.

The Fivebase EHR web application framework was designed to initially provide an alternative user interface for the Netsmart myAvatar EHR system with the primary goal of untethering clinicians from the Windows desktop. Device and server agnostic, the EHR Framework is a web application that is touch and mobile optimized and communicates back to legacy EHR systems through web services.

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Our EHR framework web app provides a sensible option for organizations that have a significant amount invested in their EHR, yet are looking for ways to extend their EHR's mobility, ease of use, and return on investment. Some of the core features include:

  • Works on any device or operating system.
  • Complete customization of styles.
  • Full access to caseloads and client lookups.
  • Complete screen content management.
    • Administrators can alter screens, field objects and event logic with out hitting any walls.
  • Absolutely no PHI is stored in the framework.
  • Current myAvatar specific features.
    • The ability to rapidly import in screen meta data from myAvatar.
    • Completely integrated with myAvatar security and additional settings needed.
    • Widget based access.
    • Eliminates the double hop pre display.

With the above in mind, our framework is only an option for EHR systems that provide and support web services. Actual web app functionality will vary depending on the type and depth of data exchange supported by your EHR. Contact us today if you have questions regarding this product or would like our assistance in determining if your existing EHR supports this type of enhancement.