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Luxsci is a professional, yet affordable, solution for secure HIPAA compliant hosting, web forms, email and other communication needs that require a high level of security. Luxsci's services are appropriate for single providers all the way through large agencies. for practices who do not have or want the overhead of a full blown patient portal. Luxsci is prepared to sign a Business Associates Agreement and provide you with the lock down and audit tools you need to be secure. A sampling of services includes:

ReCrystallize Software

ReCrystallize Software is a US based business, located near Memphis, Tennessee, serving customers around the world. Thousands of organizations trust their software to reliably deliver the important information in their reports. They include government, law enforcement, not-for-profits, and a wide range of industries such as banking, manufacturing, logistics, education, and healthcare.

They began over a decade ago with a simple idea: provide a quick, easy, and budget-friendly way to view Crystal Reports on demand in a web browser. Today, we offer products that can automatically deliver reports on a schedule or serve reports on-demand, any time, with up-to-the-minute data.