Meet the Fivebase Team

It truly takes a team to run a web services and consultation firm while providing customers with quick turn around times.

Mike Petrie - President

As founder and CEO, Mike heads up the day to day administration and business development functions for Fivebase, as well a serving as a full stack software developer. Mike has been working in the electronic health record (EHR) and logistics markets for the past 23 years, and the MH / SUD market in general since 1993. Mike enjoys crafting simple and effective software solutions for, at times, complex business and clinical needs. Mike is fluent in several programming languages, IDE’s and frameworks including webservice integrations (SOAP, REST, JSON and HL7/FHIR), web stacks (HTML5, CSS, PHP, C#, Javascript, Node and Angular 2+), native stacks (Cordova, Nativescript and Xcode) and database engines / tools (MySQL, MS SQL, Intersystems Cache and Crystal Reports). While Mike works with a number of EHR vendor products, he is one of the foremost experts with the ARIZE EHR platform and myAvatar EHR development and configuration tools (widgets, scriptlink, etc).

Chuck Dixon - Vice President

Charles "Chuck" Dixon has been with Fivebase for over 10 years now and has 23 years of overall EHR industry experience. Prior to joining Fivebase, Chuck served as the head of client solutions at Netsmart Technologies and today is considered one of the foremost experts on the Netsmart myAvatar EHR platform. In addition to assisting the President in the daily operations of Fivebase, Chuck offers our clients a unique blend of hands on technological solutions and best practices / system architecture consulting. Chuck is equally adept at writing a database export, Crystal report, RADplus form, a dashboard widget or configuring a 270 or 837 EDI file, as he is with architecting a technological solution that ultimately gets passed down to developers.

Ted Wright - Vice President of Business Development

Ted has worked in the electronic health record (EHR) market for the past 23 years and the rehabilitation services market in general since 1993. Ted has continually worked to provide process improvements via technology. He's worked with organizations in nearly all fifty states. He has completed process optimization services and return on investment analyses for many organizations. Ted has also worked as a sales leader for several electronic health record companies, including Netsmart Technologies, Sequest Technologies, and Streamline Healthcare Solutions. He helps organizations improve processes, build new systems, expand services, connect better with all stakeholders, and leverage technology to manage their organizations. He has led clinical and sales teams and is focused on producing tangible results for the organizations he serves.

Sarah Miranda - Director of Operations

As director of operations, Sarah Miranda serves the important role of keeping everything in check. In her role as project manager, Sarah interacts with our clients, Jira system and developers on a daily basis to ensure seamless communication between all three, and timely project completion. Equally as important, Sarah assists the President with the Human Resource Management functions of Fivebase including payroll and benefits administration. Sarah also assists, as needed, with business development and marketing activities in particular with social media.

Stephene Hicks - EHR and Software Consultant

Stephene "Steph" Hicks has been working for Fivebase since 2015 when she left Syracuse Behavioral Health as their Billing Manager. SBH utilized the Netsmart myAvatar PM system as their system for claims, receipts and adjustments and, as a result, Steph became a power user of that system. Steph brought that deep experience with her to Fivebase where she now assists our clients with end to end billing setup best practices and EDI configuration. In addition to these skills, Steph provides RADplus configuration assistance to clients who simply don’t have the skills or resources internally.

Terry McLeod - EHR and Software Consultant

Terry McLeod has been with Fivebase almost since its inception and has been working in this industry and market since before 2000. Much of that time was spent working at Netsmart in a variety of roles including sales and operations. Likewise, he worked with many of their modules including myAvatar AM serving the MAT market. In his role at Fivebase, Terry is a true generalist capable of project management, business development, process consulting, vendor selection and system configuration including screen and Crystal Reports design.

Maureen Ritzel - EHR and Software Consultant

Maureen Ritzel has been with Fivebase since 2016 and has been working in this industry and market since 2011. Maureen came to Fivebase from Jewish Family Service in Atlantic County where she served as a Data and Business Analyst and super user of the Netsmart myAvatar system. In her role at Fivebase, Maureen continues to provide our clients with myAvatar support and configuration services.

Ruth Case - Senior Crystal Reporting Associate

Ruth Case has served as one of Fivebase’s Crystal Reports resources since 2013. And while Ruth pulls data out of many different systems, she is one of the foremost experts in writing reports against the Netsmart myAvatar system. In addition to writing hundreds of reports of various shapes and sizes, Ruth also works with our clients on report definition, distribution (eg, Crystal Server, Scheduling) and training.

Dennis Lubas - Crystal Reporting and Database Consultant

Dennis Lubas joined Fivebase in 2022 as yet another Crystal Reports / DBA resource. In his prior position at Recovery Centers of America, Dennis's primary focus was extracting data from the Netsmart myAvatar system. His work included both manual and automating reporting as well as report server setup and data extracts for disaster recovery. Dennis will continue this work at Fivebase by providing our clients with a level of subject matter expertise only gained from true experience.

Ryan Speakman - Senior Microsoft Developer

Ryan Speakman officially joined Fivebase in 2015 to lead Fivebase’s State and County Microsoft development needs with regard to webservices, scriptlink , custom application design and integrations. Prior to joining Fivebase, Ryan has served in several development roles with 20+ years of experience, including serving as a Fivebase contractor. Title aside, Ryan has since taken on an additional overflow role as an open-source developer helping Fivebase, when needed, with the scripting, webservice and widget development needs of customers that prefer not to work with technologies such as C#.

Luke Jacobs - Senior Full Stack Open Source Developer

Luke Jacobs joined Fivebase in 2015 as a PHP developer assigned to support our clients using our legacy distribution ERP / GL solution. In very short order, that role morphed into a full stack developer with Luke leading the way on app and SPA development primarily, at the time, using Angular JS for stateless frontend apps. Fast forward to today and Luke is key asset of our team who manages the software development lifecycle of several key projects including many myAvatar apps (eg, bed board, observations, etc) utilizing the myAvatar data model, as well as being a key architect of the Fivebase Framework. His current flavor is Angular >= 15 and is well versed in several backend technologies.

Joseph Duell - Open Source and Microsoft Developer

Joe Duell joined Fivebase in 2016 as a PHP / Microsoft developer assigned to support our clients using our legacy distribution ERP / GL solution. From that point forward, Joe carved his own niche as an exceptional traditional frontend and backend developer who can easily connect any two or more systems so they "talk" with each other. Be it EDI (eg, 270, 837, 850), HL7 / FHIR or just about any other API interface, Joe can consume and connect it to our clients' needs. Joe has a wealth of experience with our myAvatar clients and their various API / integration needs and has designed a large number of extension applications that promote our client’s ROI of their existing EHR. And to round this out, Joe is well versed on the open source OS and server configuration and assists clients with crtical server configurations when internal resources fall short.

Dylan Lesko - Open Source and Microsoft Developer

Dylan Lesko joined Fivebase in 2017 as a PHP / Microsoft developer assigned to support our myAvatar clients. That support included writing scriptlink scripts, integrating web services and designing custom interfaces. That soon morphed into writing custom apps and URL widgets. At this point, Dylan is one of the foremost experts on myAvatar scripting and webservice development and focuses the core of his time supporting existing clients as well as new development projects.

Derek Wright - Open Source Developer

Derek Wright joined Fivebase in 2018 as a PHP backend developer assigned to support our growing list of non EHR clients who otherwise fall under our HIPAA compliant solutions be it web portals, web sites and supporting backend programming needs. Derek has been an exceptional asset to the team as he has taken the Fivebase Framework beyond EHRs by leveraging its power for critical needs like cancer and vaccination testing and tracking. To further add value, Derek is also an avid member of our ARIZE and myAvatar full stack developer resources.

Michelle Simon - Graphic and Web Design Developer

Michelle Simon has been with Fivebase almost since its inception and has been attending to our clients' website and graphic design needs ever since. In short, Michelle is a triple threat: She provides both backend and frontend website coding, as well as web and print media / graphic design. Capable of working from the database all the way through designing a new log, Michelle is truly a one-stop shop.