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Fivebase Develops Foothold Awards Chart Viewer

foothold awards EHR chart viewer

Partnering with Behavioral Information Systems (BIS), Fivebase has developed a yet another document archive viewer for BIS's client. St. Joseph's Addiction Treatment & Recovery Centers. St Joseph had been using their legacy EHR, Foothold's Awards system, for several years when they decided to transition to a new platform. And while data conversion can work well to fill gaps, they would still need access to the legacy charts for audit, reviews, subpoenas, etc.

Vendor solutions for providing on going access vary but the typical scenario is they provide their former clients with a "dump" of the client's data with no turnkey or easy means of extracting it. That leaves agencies like St Josephs with two options: Continue to subscribe to the legacy system (if even an option) or build a front end to extract the critical data needed.

In the end, St Josephs's chose the latter due to the simplicity and onetime costs the build option offers. Fivebase proceeded to build a browser based, self-hosted, single page application that allows users to easily pull patient charts and individually, or in batch, print chart items including notes, assessments, treatment plans and uploaded or otherwise attached documents.

Fivebase can offer legacy data extraction solutions for other vendor products should you find your agency in a similar scenario. For more information on our development services, please contact Mike Petrie at or via phone at 908-537-6713.