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Fivebase develops referrals system for Monterey County Behavioral Health

Fivebase worked in conjunction with Monterey County Behavioral Health, to design and develop a Web-based Referrals System that facilitates the referral of patients among internal managers and staff, and outside contractors. Managers have the ability to assign ASAM's to internal staff or to refer them to outside organizations; assignees (whether internal or external) in turn have the ability to accept, reject, wait, escalate, and re-assign Referrals. Assignees also have the ability to refer Referrals out to another organization and to admit a patient. The latter part of the process also includes ScriptLink functionality on the Admission form in myAvatar.

The system operates in the context of a myAvatar Widget, and includes multiple levels of security allowing users to sign in only when they are logged into myAvatar and prevents opening the Web application in a Web browser. The technology platform includes Microsoft .NET, ASP.NET, C#, Intersystems Cache database, Web Services (SOAP), and SSL.

Fivebase is honored to support the County of Monterey's Behavioral Health Bureau in it's efforts to provide life-saving services to the residents of Monterey. For more information on how we can help extend your EHR, please contact Mike Petrie at or via phone at 973-615-4007.