End to End Arize Consulting

Fivebase offers a variety of development and configuration services for Cantata Arize customers.

Cantata Health's ARIZE is relatively new EHR offering to the Mental Health (MH) and Susbtance Use Disorder (SUD) market. That being said, it offers what most other competing EHR's cannot: A completely fresh, open and modern technology stack / framework unecumbered by a legacy product. Most exciting is ARIZE's open API, screen manager and scripting engine which makes it extremely flexible while protecting the core system. ARIZE customers can easily extend their EHR with unique and powerful input forms, workflow logic and processing, as well as, data exporting and reporting.

At Fivebase, we offer a variety of consulting, development, integration and configuration services for Cantata Arize software customers. Fivebase has just over 5 years of experience working with the ARIZE system, data model, API's, scripting engine and reporting tools...and are prepared to show you the benefit of our experience. Fivebase is currently a preferred partner for Cantata's ARIZE EHR platform.

Typical services include:

  • ARIZE solution design and development
  • Crystal Reports for ARIZE and mySQL
  • Screen configuration for ARIZE
  • Enhanced scripting development for ARIZE
  • ARIZE dashboard Development
  • Web services / webservice development for ARIZE using Cantata's library of API's

Extended/ Advanced services include:

And finally, should your agency ever decide to move away from ARIZE, we a offer a solution to support your ongoing legacy data rentention needs:

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