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Voicecomm Rolls Out Vendor Managed Inventory Program

As an industry leading distributor of mobile accessories, Voice Comm is now offering IQMetrix RQ4 POS system customers with a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program. Through this program, Voice Comm customers can elect to have Voice Comm automatically replenish inventory when in stock levels and sales trends indicate a need for replenishment. Conversely, returns can also be automatically created for items that are not selling.

Voice Comm partnered with Fivebase to build the required front and backend software tools necessary to link to, and consume, the IQMetrix RQ4 API web services. Voice Comm currently uses the Fivebase ERP system for existing enterprise wide needs so it was a matter of coding in an additional set of tools for the end users.

For more information about Voice Comm please visit . For more information about our integration services contact Mike Petrie via email or phone: 908-537-6713.