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PMHS Goes Live with EHR in ID Program

Working directly with Pittsburg Mercy Health Systems (PMHS), Fivebase provided a number of services and resources to facilitate a successful August 2016 go live of the PMHS ID program Avatar EHR system. This effort included:

  • On and offsite personnel to temporarily supplement internal staffing.
  • Scriptlink developers.
  • Crystal Report designers.
  • EHR form configuration.
  • Online knowledge base development and training.
  • Billing and EDI assistance.

On August 1st, without much fuss, the ID program was officially live using myAvatar. Every piece of the team, including program employees, came together to make implementing the EHR a reality. Fivebase is excited to have had the opportunity to build a system that work as specified and officially feel part of the PMHS family.

For more information on how we can help extend your EHR resources, please contact Mike Petrie at or via phone at 973-615-4007.