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Fivebase Interfaces to KIPU

Outside of its mainstream uses, is becoming quite popular with substance abuse / recovery facilities looking to match inquiries with recovery programs. While effective, is not, nor does it pretend to be, an Electronic Health Record (EHR). As a result, inquiries logged into have to be rekeyed into an EHR when an inquiry results in an intake. 

Fivebase, in partnership with Summit Behavioral Health, has developed an interface that allows for the transfer of inquiry, contact and insurance data between the Salesforce system and the KIPU EHR. Current deployments also support this transfer to the Netsmart TIER and myAvatar system, however, any open API EHR system can be accommodated.

We are thrilled to have this opportunity to provide enhancements to workflow and staff efficiency, as well as, increased adoption of an EHR within the user base. For more information on how we can help optimize your EHR, please contact Mike Petrie or via phone at 973-615-4007.