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Fivebase EHR Mobile Web App Live at RCA

When Recovery Centers of America (RCA) went to streamline their electronic intake and assessment process, the resulting list of desirable user interface, mobility and functional features spanned beyond their current EHR system capabilities despite the system's industry leading set of configurable features. Determined to provide their clinicians with an enhanced user experience, maximize data collection efficiently, and increase their enterprise EHR system's return on investment, RCA partnered with Fivebase to build out a scalable and mobile-ready extension of the user experience.

As a result, the Fivebase EHR web-application framework was designed with the primary goal of untethering clinicians from a Windows desktop while providing an overall enhanced-use experience and new functionality. Device and server agnostic, the EHR Framework is a web application that is touch and mobile optimized and communicates back to standing EHR systems through web services. At the same time, it allowed RCA to break through the walls of functional needs of the user base without modifying any EHR source code and maintaining the enterprise EHR system's data integrity and flow.

EHR Web Application Framework

It was the enterprise EHR's open architecture that allows for an array of extensible add-on plug-ins as well as the Fivebase EHR extension. With the above in mind, the Fivebase EHR framework is an option for any EHR system that provides and supports open web-service architecture. If you have questions regarding this product, or would like our assistance in determining if your existing EHR supports this type of enhancement, please feel free to contact Fivebase.