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Fivebase Develops COACCESS myAvatar 834 EDI Compiler

Northeast Behavioral Health (NEBH) selected Fivebase for the task of building a tool that would query the COACCESS 834 enrollment and eligibility database, parse the data and store the data into the NEBH data warehouse on a scheduled basis. Once stored locally, the 834 data can be used for a number of real time eligibility checks directly from their EHR as well as retroactive audits. This project includes a front end control panel written in PHP and a backend database using MS SQL Server due to an existing client data store.

We are thrilled to have this opportunity to provide a quick, simple and efficient solution for the 834 EDI compiling which is lighter weight than most interface engines. For more information on how we can help extend your EHR, please contact Mike Petrie at or via phone at 973-615-4007.