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Fivebase Client Assessment Web App Testing at Merakey

With several client centric short assessments, Merakey was looking for a solution to break those assessments out of their EHR and into the hands of their clients. The goal was simple…rather than provide paper forms for clients to complete as they check in, clients would be handed an iPad or similar device to complete the forms. As each form is completed, the data is transferred in real time back to their electronic chart for further clinical review.

Fivebase’s EHR web-application framework was utilized to provide a device and server agnostic means to server the forms and communicate back to the EHR via vendor provided API’s. Click the button below for more information regarding this framework.

EHR Web Application Framework

It was the enterprise EHR's open architecture that allows for an array of extensible add-on plug-ins as well as the Fivebase EHR extension. With the above in mind, the Fivebase EHR framework is an option for any EHR system that provides and supports open web-service architecture. If you have questions regarding this product or would like our assistance in determining if your existing EHR supports this type of enhancement, please feel free to contact Fivebase.