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Avatar Batch Chart Printing Installed at Dekalb

Fivebase is pleased to announce the initial release of the Avatar Batch Chart Printing Application which provides the ability to batch merge and print chart documents stored in the Avatar clinical document viewer.

While the Netsmart Avatar and myAvatar EHR applications provide for easy "snapshots" of clinical documentation and document management in general, there is currently no easy way to print or merge all of a patient's (or multiple patients) documents into one easy to use file from the clinical document viewer. Each document has to be called and printed individually. The Fivebase Avatar Batch Chart Printing Application is a standalone App that gives Avatar customers the ability to filter for chart documentation and then merge the results into one PDF file that can be saved or printed as necessary.

The App is purely browser based, runs in all browsers (including IE 7/8) as well as mobile devices / phones, and is written in PHP so it is web server agnostic (e.g., IIS, Apache, etc). Outside of PHP, the only other requirement is a database connection to Avatar and folder access to the documents. Most importantly, the Avatar Batch Chart Printing Application does not store PHI, utilizes existing Avatar security and contains full audit features.

For more information contact Mike Petrie via email or phone: 908-537-6713.