Sample Designs

Custom website design samples

Below are a handful of sites that we have designed or coded. Although we design all types of sites and projects, most sites below share one thing in common: They are all database driven.

Customer: Voicecomm
Project: Wholesale and Retail ERP / Quickbooks Replacement
Description: This project includes a front end B2B order entry and cart system feeding into a web based back end system for Customer Management, Inventory Management, Sales Orders, Invoicing and Warehouse functions. This includes inbound / outbound SOAP, XML, REST and EDI interfaces to include IQ Metrix, UPS and

Customer: Northeast Behavioral Health
Project: Public Facing Website / Data Dashboard
Description: As part of a Colorado initiative, as well as, a deeper data mining project, Northeast Behavioral Health needed a public facing website built to display the monthly utilization of Crisis Services in their area. Our responsive design does just that and also informs consumers of critical crisis contact information. All of this is driven by an included datawarehouse management portal.

Customer: OB/GYN Care of Southern New Jersey
Project: Total Site Re-Design and Re-Branding
Description: OB/GYN Care of Southern New Jersey came to us looking for more a custom look and feel for their existing website. The site was re-designed to be more appealing as well as more user-friendly. More recently this was updated to a responsive design.

Customer: Northstar VETS
Project: Responsive Site With Self Service App Portal
Description: As an emergency, specialty, and referral practice, Northstar VETS work as an extension of, and in collaboration with, primary care veterinarians throughout the region. What's more, they are available 24/7/365. Northstar VETS needed a mobile friendly design that would that would be easy to find and use by pet owners for routine and emergency visits, as well as for referring Veterinarians.

Customer: Shore cardiology Associates
Project: Re-Design of Website
Description: This project was a total re-design of their existing website. The site was designed to be more user-friendly and more appealing. The client wanted a responsive, warm, neutral site that would relate to their patients and resolve on any device including smart phones.

Customer: My Pet's Brace
Project: New Site
Description: This project included a full re-write of an existing website. The site includes product descriptions, photo galleries, videos and resources to provide their users with the best knowledge of the products they carry.

Customer: Netsmart Technologies
Project: Software / Application Exchange and Sharing Site
Description: As the project implies, Netsmart wanted a portal to facilitate sharing among their users. In particular, they wanted to provide users of their software, RAD, reporting, scripting and API tools the ability to share and distribute the user's work and promote an open exchange of content and information. Netsmart also required that this tie into their existing Ning Social Network, which required used of the Google Opensocial API standards.

Customer: Netsmart Technologies
Project: Customer Support Patch Portal
Description: This project replaced an existing site that Netsmart used to distribute patches and enhancements to its customers using the Avatar Software Suite. This includes administrative tools for maintaining the library as well as tools for communicating updates to end users.