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Virtulink Offers Mobile Ready / Smart Phone Web Design

Virtulink is offering special pricing for web design to businesses looking to make their websites more mobile / smart phone friendly.

Everyday, more and more people use mobile devices to connect to and browse the web. These mobile devices (e.g., Iphones, Droids, etc), and the browsers that reside on them, have come alone way since the days of WAP protocol, however, you cannot count on all of your customers owning the latest devices. Even so, the screen real estate is "what it is" and it can be frustrating to browse full scale sites on even the latest of technology.

Virtulink would like to assist you in creating scalable (in this case...scaled down) mobile versions of your web site. Mobile web site design is a specialty and does not simply imply "shrinking" your website. Please contact us for more information on how we may be of assistance in mobile web site design.