Iphone & Android SmartPhone App Design

Fivebase provides native iPhone and Android app design for smart phones, iPods, iPads and tablets.

Native iPhone and Android App design for smart phones, iPods, iPads and tablets, while not a new technology, is still a hot and misunderstood topic. Fivebase provides customers with the consultation and information they need to know prior to committing to App project. In some cases, a "native" App is not the solution for a business need that may better be served via a mobile website. In many cases, mobile websites may be better for your needs if:

  • Your proposed App does not need to access many native functions
  • Your proposed App needs to work on many devices (e.g., Android, Apple, Blackberry, etc...this is a cost issue)
  • You either are not looking to charge or want easier distribution (again...a potential cost issue)

That being said, Fivebase will provide you with the information you need prior to making that decision. Simply contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions. Assuming you want a true "native" app, we are here to help you navigate the design process including what to expect from design, to testing and to final submission.

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